International College Alumni Association

the Association’s mission, vision & core values


A community that values the collective and lives up to the IC ideals


Bring IC alumni together to create positive social impact and build a better society

Core Values

Mindfulness, Moderation & Respect

Main Objectives

  • Leverage the power of the IC alumni network to promote the IC values and spirit in society at large
  • Create a platform for continuous education whereby alumni keep alumni well informed and educated about latest technological, financial, and political developments
  • Create a platform for IC alumni to support each other, support the school, and promote causes consistent with the IC values
  • Support sons and daughters of Alumni with financial aid
  • Provide mentorship and career placement support for IC alumni

The Committees

Chaired by ICAA non board members





Financial Aid

Life Long Learning

Mentorship & Career Advancement

Legal & Governance

Social Events & Culture

Social Responsibility

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