ICAA New Board Pledges $67,000 to Four Shining IC Stars

Alumni who genuinely embody the IC values of perseverance, humility and mindfulness give us hope in a better

future for Lebanon. The 2018 IC awards winners are agents of hope.

A big thank you to AUB and all IC Alumni who committed a total of 67,000 USD to support the university tuitions

of these exceptional IC Alumni.

Also a big thank you to our Alumni who agreed to mentor our award winners throughout their university careers.

This is what the IC spirit is all about! Keep the IC spirit. Stay hopeful!



Marie-Therese Chaddad


Ali Shawki Badreddine

Date of Birth:     December 22, 2000

Years at IC:        3 years

Program:           Lebanese Bacc

Activities:          Sawt Al Shabab,

                          Community Service Activities

University:         AUB

Major:                Biology


Date of Birth:      May 20, 2000

Years at IC:         3 years

Program:            Lebanese Bacc - GS

Activities:           Astronomy Club

                        Spanish Club,

                        Computer Programming Club,

                        Mobile Apps Club


                        Sawt Al Shabab

University:          AUB

Major:                Physics

Lea Sleiman


Sinan Faiad

Date of Birth:     May 19, 2000

Years at IC:        15 years

Program:            Lebanese Bacc

Activities:          Vex Robotics,

                          IC Talks

                          MUN Club, 

                          Debate Club

                         Chess Club, 

                         Peer Tutoring

University:        Mount Holyoke

Major:               Computer Science


Date of Birth:      December 22, 2000

Years at IC:         14 years

Program:            Lebanese Bacc

Activities:           Medical Club,

                        Student Representative Council,

                        LAU Arts & Science Fair,

                        Volunteering at the “Nasma” Org.

University:          AUB

Major:                Chemistry Pre-Med



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