AUB graduate (BA’07, MBA’12). Managing Partner at Engineering & Building Co. EBCO (BITAR), Founder and General Manager at Nasser Building Material, Partner at Real Estate Development, Trustee at the American University of Beirut since 2017, Founder and steering committee member of United Nations Global Compact Network Lebanon, Founder and board member of Toumouh Association, Board member of Ajialouna Association youth, member of Family Business Network Levant 

Her words : IC shaped my little mind and prepared me very well, both academically and personally, to embark safely in pursuit of my dreams. Many times I meet people and feel an instant connection, they happen to be IC graduates; this is the IC spirit and culture that we carry with us for life.  IC is very dear to my heart; every time I visit the campus I feel the urge of coming back and relive those unforgettable years. I am privileged to see my kids follow the same path and to have made friends that have become family. All our praise to thee, IC!

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