Success Stories Of Our Alumni: Sarah Beydoun - Class of 1991

Sarah Beydoun, Founder and Creative Director at Sarah’s Bag, a dynamic, passionate and determined designer, with an epicurean’s delight in beauty and art. Sarah designs handbags and accessories that are known for their intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and vibrant, high-spirited appeal.

Born and raised in Beirut, Sarah’s unconventional journey in fashion began during her final year of a graduate degree in sociology, when she was conducting researchat Dar Al Amal, an NGO that rehabilitates women at risk and female exprisoners.

Soon after, she decided to set up a businessthat would train and employ the women she’d met during her fieldwork. She launched Sarah's Bag in Beirut in May of 2000, bringing together her love of fashion and design with the mission to empower underprivileged women. Sarah’s exuberant persona shines through each of her designs and the final results are hip, luxurious, hand-crafted statement pieces that are always fun and playful. In 2014, with the push to expand the label’s international reach, Sarah’s sister Malak, an advertising and fashion publishing professional, joined the company as a partner, bringing with her valuable industry experience to the brand.

Her Words: 

“Aside from the education, I was enriched by all the extracurricular activities I did at IC. It made me a well-rounded person, whether it was the social service or working on the Torch yearbook, but I’d say the best thing I took out of it were the friendships I made.”

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