News From Our Brain Bites Committee April 23, 2019

A truly enlighting mini Brain Bites session took place on Tuesday 23rd of April at IC Ras Beirut with Prime Minister Mr Fouad Sanyoura. The session was split into 2 parts:

An introduction by PM Sanyoura then a Q&A session organized around 3 headings:

  1. The latest regional geopolitical developments (deal of the century; Arab spring resurrected, intensifying sanctions)
  2. Our economic, monetary and infrastructure worries (devaluation, rumours regarding bank deposit haircuts, destructive corruption in managing infrastructure files by the political class)
  3. Hope for a turnaround: what will it take? What can we each do to contribute?

The event was an exclusive ICAA member’s event and although scheduled for one hour and a half, the session extended to three hours.

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