Young IC Entrepreneurs : Nahlan Saade' - Class of 2012

Nahlan Saade, a fashion design graduate, has in just a few years built “Better from Scratch” making her culinary mark as an entrepreneur. 


Graduated from IC year in year 2012, Nahlan pursued her studies in “Fashion institute of Technology" in New York. In parallel to her further studies she started her own initiative better from Scratch at the age of 20 after her return to Beirut. What drove her to follow this shift in path was the fact that when she made desserts for her friends over dinner, they would later on ask her to make them again for their special occasions. This led Saade to create Better from Scratch given her longtime passion for cooking. And it is certainly a benchmark which distinguishes her cookies from any other cookies that are sold in the Lebanese Market. 


Each cookie certainly has a touch of elegance, fashion unique only To Nahlans cookies. Nahlan contributed this to the taking the decorating classes in New York which helped in strengthening her start-up skills.

Better from Scratch 


"Working closely with the customer is a must, in order to see how we can achieve their vision"she said. Saade recounted how better from Scratch was initially launched through social media; Instagram and Facebook. Her account hit the onethousand mark after only four days, and recently the number escalated to 32 thousand, all done without paid advertising. Therefore, she believes that social media is one of the most powerful new tools when executing a business concept.



Her words on the days of IC.


Having to grow a business requires a lot of courage, sacrifices, determination and social skills, the kind of traits that get built into a child at a young age. Regardless of the fact that my parents introduced me to these characteristics as a kid, international college helped instill, grow and develop them for me in its diverse and wonderful atmosphere. The dynamics, the teachers, the variety of personalities and characteristics of the students i met, made my personality a well-rounded one. It gave me experiences, taught me lessons and helped me make valid decisions when faced with obstacles in life

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