Success Stories Of Our Alumni: Maria Nasser Hibri - Class of 1982

Maria Nasser Hibri is the Co-Founder of surface fabrication studio BOKJA, she was born in Beirut where she graduated from IC in 1982, and acquired Arabic Literature Studies from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 1984. she then completed Journalism Studies in the Lebanese American University, Lebanon 1989. Her passion for furniture, textiles, art and design crafted her colourful career path as an interior designer, florist and designer. Focusing on Areas of Expertise Central Asian and Ottoman Textiles, Antique Furniture, Design and Lebanese Art. Since its inception, Bokja has grown into a very successful multi-level design studio building the story of Beirut’s numerous co-existing cultures through their famous assemblage fabric, establishing itself as a disruptive and innovative brand, breaking down barriers and weaving human connections. She has been active in Beirut’s emerging arts and culture scene and a strong supporter of uprising local talent.   



Words about IC  


I was 12 years old when I joined IC and I immediately felt that this was not just a school, it was a belonging and an allegiance. IC freed my voice, I learned that I can speak up and be heard there. I also learned how to be uninhibited and bold. My three children went to IC, I will have a grandchild soon and I know my son would choose his school to perpetuate the tradition. There is so much comfort in that thought.



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