IC Generosity at Work : The Class of 1962 Rehabilitate Homes in Mar Mikahel

The class of 1962 grouped together and collected a healthy sum. This was used to finance the rehabilitation of all the wood door works and aluminium windows and glass, in addition to some wall and columns fixes. The apartment of Annabelle Mansour and her elderly mother, is just facing the port in Mar Mikhael, and they were luckily outside the house at the time.

This is part of an initiative launched by Nada Abou Farhat and her amazing team with rehabilitation works for apartments damaged by the 4 August explosion. 
The rehabilitation was completed with success thanks to the contributions of Class 62 through the collaboration of Nadine Beydoun.

This is another example of how the IC community comes together at the time when the country and the community most need them.

Congratulations Class of 1962







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