Dear IC Alumni Community

This July marks the end of our three year yerm as ICAA Board. This term although filled with many successes, it was plagued with the many failures of our ruling classes and the subsequent events that hurt our country and our community. While keeping this discussion to later emails and communications, we would like to update you now on our latest letter sent to the board of IC;


Dear IC Trustees,


We hope this email finds you all well despite these very challenging and painful times.


The board meeting on Tuesday June 8th will be the last as for this ICAA board. we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your warm welcome to the board and for your willingness to listen with an open mind to alumni’s perspectives on the school’s purpose and positioning. We hope the next Ex-officio member will be offered the same privileges.


A lot has changed in the country since our first board meeting in June 2018. Unfortunately, the changes have amplified the greatest risk IC faces. The risk of a radical change in the country’s fabric. This shift has been ongoing since several decades and its painful ramifications have been felt and witnessed at IC.


On behalf of the alumni community, we urge you to look beyond the urgency of the current day to day fire-fighting, beyond the thrill associated with growing IC’s investment account and securing it’s financial viability and beyond the satisfaction of securing acceptances for IC students at top global universities. While these are all very worthy accomplishments, they are not sufficient to make IC relevant going forward.


IC’s relevance over the past 130 years has been driven by its deep rooted desire to make the Middle East a more liberal, more tolerant and more peaceful place. To remain relevant IC must maintain the ambition of being more than a “quasi” international school that serves a privileged few in Lebanon. It must have the ambition to become again an agent of social mobility; the ambition to be an incubator that helps a middle class in Lebanon re-emerge; and possibly even the ambition to become a regional international educational institution that follows its alumni, serves their families’ educational needs beyond the borders of Lebanon, and brings back best practices and a true international, liberal mindset to its home base.


Maintaining relevance will require bold decision regarding a financial aid policy that re-engineers the school’s fabric and a regional diversification strategy that saves IC from sinking in the Lebanese quagmire. We are confident IC is in safe hands and that this board’s leadership will secure IC’s relevance for another 130 years and beyond..


Sincere Regards,



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