Dear Fellow IC Alumni Association Members,


The IC Alumni Association is looking forward to organizing a model election for its 2021-2024 board. The Election will aim to reflect the IC community’s commitment to the democratic process; to the rotation of power; and to fair play.


The elections will be supervised by the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) and will adhere to international best practices including:

  • Preprinted Ballots showing the candidates’ names and pictures listed alphabetically
  • Online posting of list of eligible members who can vote on
  • Transparent ballot boxes
  • Votes will be counted by ICAA members who are not running for re-election and supervised by previous ICAA presidents
  • Vote counting will be done in the presence of the candidates or their appointed representatives
  • The list of candidates and their profiles will be emailed to all ICAA members at least 6 days prior to the elections


The Election details are as Follows:

  • Date: July 11th 2021
  • Time: 10:30-12:00 noon
  • Location: IC Ras Beirut Campus – Rockefeller Hall  
  • Identification needed: Any official identification card


The Election Mechanism is as follows:

  • Eligible Voters: All ICAA registered members as at 15/06/2021 end of day 
  • The ICAA board consists of 15 members - 14 are voted for by the ICAA members and 1 member is appointed by the school’s president
  • The term limit for the elected board members is 3 years i.e the board’s mandate will end in June 2024
  • Each ICAA member will have the right to vote for up to 14 candidates of his or her choice – Note: Voting for more than 14 will render the ballot null and void


The List of Nominees (in alphabeltical order) are:


Zeina Anan

Kim Issa

Bassem Al Bawab

Hisham Saad Jaroudi

Lana Bahri

Saad Jamaledine

Samer Doughan

Rina Kurdahi

Ziad Dakroub

Karim Noueihed

Nada Ghazal

Walid Othman

Ramez Haddad

Maher Raham

Lina Itani

Karim Saffiedine

Ahmad Ismail

Wael Sanyoura


Their full profiles and year of graduation will be sent to you minimum 6 days prior to the election day. The full list of eligible voters is available online on the blow Link





We are counting on your engagement and support so that the IC community continues to be a model for a better Lebanon.


The ICAA Election Committee

Beirut June 18th 2021

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