On the 11th of July 2021, 160 members of the IC Alumni Association congregated at the IC Elementary School to elect a new board for the assosciation for the term 2021 - 2024. The election process was designed and admnstered by a group of former ICAA presidents and was monitored by LADE (www.lade.org.lb). After a long election day the following members were elected to form the new ICAA Board (in alphabetical order);

Zeina Annan Lana Al Bahri
Bassem Al Bawwab Ziad Dakroub
Samer Doughan Ramez Haddad
Ahmad Ismail Kim Issa
Lina Itani Saad Jamaleddine
Rina Kurdahi Karim Noueihed
Wael Sanyoura Walid Uthman


The new committee then met later that week and elected the executive committee to be

Karim Noueihed - President
Zeina Annan - Vice President
Walid Uthman - Treasurer
Saad Jamaleddine - General Secretary



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