As you all know, ICAA has successfully fully vaccinated 150 of its members, families, households & friends. We had originally requested $50 from interested members that covers an addition $10 donation for every vaccine requested. The vaccine costed $40 (each 2 dose Vaccine cost 24$ + 2 syringes for administration cost 16$)

 As promised, ICAA is sharing with you all details of this vaccination project: 

  1. 229 vaccines requested (including fully donated vaccines)
  2. 150 vaccines administered.
  3. 82 vaccines refunded

We now have the opportunity to purchase vaccines from Saint George Hospital SGUMC (78 vaccines) or AUBMC (53 vaccines) with the remaining donated amount.

 We are also considering a new round of vaccination drive in October 2021 if we have enough indication of interest

 Based on above, we urge all members who have registered & donated  for the vaccination project & still wish to claim back their refunds to do so before Monday September 13th 2021 at noon.


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