in 1968, the then IC president Thomas Schuller took a year long trip to the United States on a fundraising tour and took the time to write to the graduating class of 1966 urging them to be a force of good in the world, their country and their community. Our country Lebanon today is going through a major crisis very similar to that in the Americas in 1966 to which the Americans responded with solidarity and collegial thinking. There is no better time to conduct ourselves in the same way like today.

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An Address that Resonates Loudly Till Today

To the Class of 1966

As I write this from New York, during a year's leave of fundraising, this city of 7.000,000 citizens -a population which becomes doubled by the daily commuter influx of workers and business personal - is undergoing its second major crisis within three months. First there was the twelve hour power blackout of last autumn which brought the twentieth century metropolis of mechanized comfort and efficiency to a state of helplessness. Now a paralyzing strike called by the transport workers is costing $6 million a day of extra expenses and has made a difference of $100 million a day less in sales among all the stores not to mention immeasurable damage to allied business and commercial enterprises throughout the nation.

What lessons are employed here for the Arab world? Surely the point is not that scientific advance leads nowhere nor is it implied that working men have no right to strike for better conditions of employment all other petitions failing. But what is clear is that as of this hour society has yet to develop the means for guaranteeing to mankind not only his physical comfort and personal security but also a way of life free of discord and abuse to the privileges of others The wars of various dimensions around the globe merely document this point further.

Let no graduate then think that there is no opportunity for good men today. The world is crying for good men to swell the legions of those laboring to raise the levels of decency and peace and creative living for all men. But also that no IC graduate think he is privileged not to participate in the struggle. His privileges at the college include just this duty to put his talents to work for the better wellbeing of his neighbors everywhere.

In the firm belief that each of you will so respond I wish you all the best of cheer and good luck.


Thomas C Schuller


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